“Well, That Was Embarrassing. But I’m Still Glad I Did It…”

Author: Steve Shultz
Founder – Elijah List Ministries

One of the biggest obstacles in getting you or your friend launched out into the deep in “prophesying”—is that you may not “believe” God showed you what HE TRULY JUST SHOWED YOU—IN A DREAM.

It was right around 1984 and me, never having had a prophetic dream (a California young man at about 29 years of age at this time), decided to share my brand new dream with my friend Patrick, also a Christian neighbor.

“Hey, Patrick. Strange dream last night. I dreamt you were living in Dallas, TX, working full -time at a Christian radio station.”

Patrick was intrigued, but I don’t recall a reaction beyond that.

Yet, exactly five years later, Patrick was living in Dallas, TX, and working full-time at a Christian radio station.

“Wow, I got that one right,” I said to myself.

One year later, I had a dream of the same guy, Patrick, helping me move out of my house in California and yet, in this dream, as we backed my refrigerator down the steps, there was an accident.

Only weeks later, the actual moving came. I had completely forgotten the dream UNTIL all of a sudden—we were “doing the dream.” We were backing that refrigerator down the steps, exactly as I saw it in the dream.

“Patrick! I had a dream a few weeks ago that you and I were doing this exact thing. Be VERY careful. There was an accident in the dream.”

Now, using extra caution because of the dream, we completed the refrigerator move and all was well. My move was to the Great Northwest.

Four years after that to my shock and surprise, God called Derene and me to move to, of all places, Dallas, TX, where I took a corporate job working for a retirement housing company. Oddly now, both Patrick’s family and ours were in Dallas.

One night I had a dream about my boss, who was literally working on a big retirement community contract buy. Back at the office, I talked to my boss, Joe (not his real name).

“Joe, I had a dream about this contract buy. What happened was…you let the deal of managing these 11 properties go and at the same time, the people who wanted you to get this contract, pulled back away from you too. You were disappointed, but later they came back to you and offered YOU a much better price if you would only take this contract. It was a HUGE WIN FOR YOU, JOE!”

Without a lot of extra detail, let me just tell you that a few weeks later, those exact events happened. And in this case, not only was Joe amazed and thankful, but it scared him to death. He told me so. Joe was not necessarily walking all that close to the Lord, and when I began to speak for the Lord to him, it freaked him out. I think, frankly, it scared him back into serving the Lord again, like in his younger days. He began to speak of the Gospel of Jesus Christ again.


For a great many of you reading this—God has given you “multiple dreams” and you’ve told them to no one.


Now, if God tells you someone is living in sin in a dream, that is probably not for you to tell, but for you to pray about. But, if God gives you a directive word or a simple word of knowledge like those above—WHY HAVE YOU NOT TOLD IT TO THAT PERSON?

God works with FAITH. John Wimber of the Vineyard Church used to say, “Faith is spelled, R-I-S-K.”

Please fellow Believer—it’s time to put your revelation to work. What are you waiting for? A lightning bolt from Heaven?

Little did I know that “obeying my revelation” would end up with a large prophetic ministry to now over 310,000 subscribers called: THE ELIJAH LIST. But God knew, so He kept pouring out dreams and revelations. But in a way, your revelation will always be a test. Will you act on your revelation and share it, at least the Good News ones and the warning ones?

You’ve heard the Scripture, “Many are called, but few are chosen,” right?

If you get revelation, you are called. But if you hold onto it and never give it out, you are not acting like one who is “chosen.”

Be both “CALLED” and “CHOSEN” too! Operate in your prophetic gifts and be stunned and amazed at how God will promote you!

Now, please start sharing your revelation. Don’t start with confronting sin. Let God do that. If God shows you sin, pray about it. But if God shows you how others can progress and succeed or stay safe…by all means please share it—is that a deal?


Steve Shultz, Founder
Elijah List Ministries

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