The Darkness knows whats coming, DO YOU ?

Author: Jace Myrie

What is Emerging

The realm of the Spirit seems to be changing again . The smell of a new season is upon us . Look at the clouds and the climate shifts and the activity in the spiritual realm . The new thing is now being witnessed by many. Many will miss it , but in this time many more will see it and for those who see what is coming, they should be excited and not depressed. To be a follower of Jesus in this era and actively moving into the realms of the spirit will create waves of anticipation as the end time army moves to the front line of the battle. Call the intercessors. Offices of the church , gifts of the Spirit, anti-religious groups and many others and let’s get ready for war !!

Darkness is trying to Hold off the inevitable

The darkness is beginning to fade , the sunrise pushes its face to the surface . “Stop stop” the enemy yells , “I am the darkness , I must win “ but the darkness can not overcome the light . The one who died went to the underworld , grabbed the keys of death and authority from the enemy and handed the key over to the new Adams being carved for glory . They don’t even know the authority they walk with . Open your hands , look at the nail prints . Can you see Jesus’s hand piercing through yours . We are in him , he is in us , we have become one . Colossians 1:17 says in Christ everything exist .. but then we are seated in Christ so doesn’t that mean we have access to everything ? . When Christ died he took authority from the enemy gave it to us and now expects us to use that authority to usher in heavens blueprint on this world . On earth as in heaven is not a fairy tale story that was said to make the Lord’s Prayer sound interesting . He meant use your place and authority in Christ to mirror that realm in this one .


Open your eyes , the day you said YESSS to Jesus is the day you said yes to bringing his kingdom here . There are people coming back to life, getting new organs in their body , commanding physical aspects of this world to bend into a newness to crack reality into heavens agenda . God is not looking for models , he is looking for agents of change . Change your church , your region , your country . If you are a Christian then you have access to the keys Jesus died for . He opened the link back to the father so that you can live like he did . Are you a modeler that call yourself a Christian or are you an agent of change ?

Prophetic Insight

These are the main prophetic shifts i have felt in my spirit since last year

Darkness cannot delay the inevitable entrance of God’s Kingdom

Many people are looking and waiting for the world to be consumed with darkness so that they can press the reset button in heaven or just call it quits on all the torture of this world. However many fail to see the urgency in Men and Women of God rising up (Romans 8:19) to partner with the Holy Spirit to usher in a new realm of God’s power that will shake the Kingdom of Darkness. Its so sad however, the kingdom of darkness already knows this and has made attempts to cripple the destiny of so many remnants but you cannot stop what God wants to happen and what the Holy Spirit wants is OUT. He wants to be set free through his people to show us what transformation looks like.

The new thing will focus on God’s glory and the realm of impossibility (Signs and wonders like never before seen on this earth)

I believe we are about to see the manifestation of God’s glory realm in our meetings and out of our meetings like never before. the angelic will be revealed to a measure never before seen on this earth. We will see God’s glory doing the work in our meetings to reveal the supremacy and mercy of God. its not through the speaker or through the leader but Jesus himself will invade meetings and we will stand and witness the raw fragrance of heaven in our midst. The signs and wonders will explode more in 2019. Kidneys, livers, body parts will grow back like never before. We will see a breakthrough in cancer being healed and other deadly diseases . We will see as they bow at the name of Jesus . We will begin to experience trans relocation to a degree we are not use to. We will be praying and our spirit will shift to another realm or region without us expecting it. We will shift realms not because we have done something to deserve it but God’s work must continue and those who are willing will experience accelerated breakthrough in these seasons

The nameless, faceless generation shall emerge

Many are looking for the Pastors and leaders and televangelists to change the world, not knowing that anyone who is willing to run with the Lord’s vision will be used to bring heaven on earth. Some spheres of this earth will not be impacted from someone wearing a Jacket and tie with a known name and many achievements but we are about to see an invasion of Jesus people who will spread the love of Jesus in their own space and this will ripple into a revival like never before. You dont have to look the part, you just have to be a believer ready to represent his Kingdom in this one (Mark 16:17-18). Different evangelism hubs are rising up where the focus is not only getting the lost to Christ but “FEEDING THE LOST TO CHRIST”. We will see hands reaching out to the poor and the compassion flowing from the heart of the father will pull persons to Christ like never before. Compassion shall draw many who are lost.

Jace Myrie

Jace Myrie

Youth Leader

Jamaica, WI